Researchers and Students


Ph.D. student


Ph.D. student at POSTECH, Korea, EE (Mar. 2020-Present) 

M.S. degree at POSTECH, Korea, EE (Mar. 2018-Feb.2020) 

B.S. degree at Ajou Univ., Korea, ECE (Mar. 2012-Feb.2018)  

Research Interest
High-Speed Links

[1] Iksu Jang, Jaeyoung Seo, Changjae Moon, and Byungsub Kim, "A Cost-efficient FPGA-based Embedded System for Biosensor Platform," IEEE International SoC Design Conference (ISOCC), Oct. 2022.

[2] Jaehyun Ko, Iksu Jang, Chanho Kim, Jihoon Park, Changjae Moon, Sooeun Lee, and Byungsub Kim, "A 50 Mb/s Full HBS TRX with Adaptive DFE and Variable-Interval 3x Oversampling CDR in 28nm CMOS Technology for A 75 cm Body Channel Moving at 0.75 Cycle/sec," IEEE European Solid State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC), Sep. 2022.

[3] Changjae Moon, Jaeyoung Seo, Myungguk Lee, Iksu Jang, and Byungsub Kim, "A 20 Gb/s/pin 1.18 pJ/b 1149um2 Single-Ended Inverter-based 4-tap Addition-Only Feed-Forward Equalization Transmitter with Improved Robustness to Coefficient Errors in 28nm CMOS," IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), Feb. 2022.